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Scott Pierce

Stop the presses! It's being reported by that blogger we don't talk about that there's trouble in paradise (again) for and . An "insider" had this to say:

"Rob is not treating Kristen like a princess and she’s getting fed up with it. He’s not as into it as he was before the cheating — not giving her special treatment like he used to. She feels unloved and that’s why they fought. They’re not split, but they’re holding on by a string."

This is obviously a tricky situation. The couple is so up-and-down, it's hard to tell what's manipulated by the press versus what's actually happening. Still, it makes sense that Rob would be guarded after dealing with Kristen's wandering eye. Or he doesn't care. I don't know.

Ouch! Have you guys ever been cheated on? Did you forgive or forget?


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