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The online portal HollywoodLife has an open letter for and . The gist of it? They're really glad that they're talking again, and have some of their own advice to provide as to how to continue and build up on their friendship.

The premise at the start is clear:

Rob and Kristen, the thing that you’ve both missed most about each other since your breakup last May is the close friendship that you shared.

The loss of that friendship has led to some suffering:

Neither of you has really mended your broken heart since your painful split.

It was actually Rob's idea to cut off contact with KStew at the time, even though she was against the notion. A source told HL:

She has never stopped loving him. In fact, not once has Kristen mentioned having any sort of romantic interest in anyone else since she and Rob broke up.

As far as we know, this is really the case. Kristen hasn't publicly dated anyone else since the split and still seems to be hung up on Rob, despite the fact that she kinda sabotaged her relationship by cheating on her boyfriend with a married man (although that's a topic for some other day).

Things have changed, however. After a 'doggy date' where their canine pets Bernie and Bear got to sniff each other once more, Kristen and Rob apparently have resumed talking again. According to a new report, both are

leaning on each other and talking every day.

The 'open letter' (at least in format) goes on to give various examples of great gestures the kids have made to one another, like Rob heeding Kristen's advice not to accept the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey. The piece concludes with the assertion:

Sharing a close friendship is definitely more rewarding than simply being estranged. You both have long lives ahead of you and this could be the first step in eventually having a deeper relationship again.

What do you think? Do you agree with the author of this second-person opinion article? Let us know.

If you want to read the piece in full, click here.


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