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has been a promotional tour de force as of late, giving interview after interview and spilling quite a lot about his personal life and how he views himself. And the picture he's painted has been one of a guy who is far, far more sensitive to criticism and negativity than anyone might have believed.

In a new interview for the September 15 issue of Australia's Sunday Style (via Gossip Cop), Pattinson again brought the painful honesty:

I'm quite sensitive, and I do like a bit of grand gesturing, but that's just my ego. I like to give people presents and I think of myself as the best gift giver, but only because I get stuff for myself and then make it work for the other person.

Speaking of that sensitivity, he opened up once again about his chronic anxiety and how uncomfortable he is with fame:

I get a ton of anxiety, right up until the second I get out of the car to the event, when suddenly it completely dissipates. But up until that moment, I'm a nut case. Body dysmorphia, overall tremendous anxiety. I suppose it's because of these tremendous insecurities that I never found a way to become egotistical. I don't have a six-pack and I hate going to the gym. I've been like that my whole life. I never want to take my shirt off. I'd prefer to get drunk.

Sometimes, I wonder...if he had to do it all over again, do you think he would have chosen to do Twilight?

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