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It feels like a lifetime since we've seen Robert Pattinson walking the red carpet, and we can't help feel that there is something a little different about him. Spoilers: It's furry, coat shaped and totally deranged.

Take a deep breath Twihards, because we're not in Forks anymore, although, thinking about it, there is an air of gothic Edward Cullen about the new look:

Naturally, the statement coat drew a lot of WTFs from reporters on the red carpet, but RPatz took the interest in the garment with statement good humor while letting the press know he wouldn't be caught shivering on the red carpet for man nor beast:

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This isn't the first time that has made a fashion forward statement on the red carpet though, it's hard to forget his 2015 neck soul patch which left many fans crying:

It's easy to speculate that Rob's hyper hip fiancee FKA Twigs might have been involved in playing dress up over the past few days, but Berlin is also universally famous for it's edgy style so maybe Pattinson finally felt like he had found the perfect stage to try out some experimental zips:

If your not crazy about Rob's new look though, fear not. He's still smouldering hot:

He still has time for his legions of adoring fans screeching from the sidelines on the red carpet:

And, he is still capable of ruffling his hair in a way that could make any Cullen loving soul sing:

What do you think of Robert Pattinson's new look?


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