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Update (August 7, 2017): Robert Pattinson has clarified to People that he was heavily exaggerating this story for the sake of comedy: "The story I told on Jimmy Kimmel last night seems to have spiraled out of control. What didn't come across is that this was supposed to be a joke. No one at all expected or assumed that anything like that would happen on the Good Time set. We are all huge animal lovers and would obviously never do anything to harm an animal... I was trying to make Jimmy laugh, only to create confusion and a false impression."

The upcoming Robert Pattinson film Good Time looks like a pretty wild story. His character, Constantine, is forced to commit all sorts of heinous actions, involving mayhem and violence, in order to get his brother out of jail after a failed bank robbery.

But Pattinson himself almost had to perform a pretty heinous action for the movie, as he revealed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Robert Pattinson Refused To Shoot A Scene That Involved Pleasuring A Dog

During the interview with Kimmel, Pattinson explained the scene in great detail, as you can watch above:

“My character, Connie, has this affinity with dogs. He thinks he is a dog in a previous life and he thinks he has control over animals. There’s this one scene we shot– there’s a drug dealer who busts into the room, and I was sleeping with the dog and basically giving the dog a hand job.”

The reason why Pattinson had a problem filming this scene is that the directors wanted him to really perform the act on a live animal. It wasn't going to be implied or fake. The director apparently egged Pattinson on by saying:

"Just do it for real, man! Don’t be a p—-!"

The dog's trainer even gave Pattinson advice:

"Well, he’s a breeder. I mean, you can. You just gotta massage the inside of his thighs."

Understandably, Pattinson was not onboard with the scene, and requested that a fake prop be used. A prosthetic was then placed between the dog's legs for the actual shot.

PETA Thanks Pattinson For Doing The Right Thing

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the world's most prominent animal rights group, agreed with Pattinson's decision to not perform the scene as directed, tweeting out the message:

Thanks, Robert Pattinson for refusing to molest dog in . This is why animals don't belong in entertainment

Had he actually performed the act, Pattinson probably would've garnered a substantial amount of criticism and negative publicity, haunting him for the rest of his life. Fortunately, he stood up to the director, and now it's just a funny story for late-night television. No animals were harmed in the making of this production, indeed.

Good Time opens in theaters on August 11, 2017.

Do you think Robert Pattinson made the right call? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

(Source: The Wrap)


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