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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

The estimable House of Dior, known as the purveyor of expensive sniff water has found the epitomy of their new smell. It's 's face.

The young, often mildy beardy heartthrop will represent the 'Dior Homme fragrance for men' in ads all around Europe (except the U.K.) and Asia (except China and Japan).

This, if I dare say, business-wise seems like a very clever move by the House of Dior, not unlike something the Lannister's might come up with if they decided to furnish Westeros with a good fragrence.

While I am doubtful that many men crave to smell like Pattinson, I am postive that many a girl wouldn't mind a sniff of Rob on their beau.

Am I right or what girls?

Let me know below!


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