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Robert Pattinson might be notoriously tight-lipped about his former relationship with his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart, but even he couldn't stay silent about the revolting Tweets Donald Trump sent about his ex during their turbulent break up.

The Lost City of Z star was interviewed by the German website WeltN24 about his new role, but they also chose to ask him about the controversial Tweets (11 in total) that called Kristen a "dog" and encouraged to get over his misery with an "open invite" to Miss Universe.

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While Rob chose not to talk about his personal life or the heartache he was probably experiencing during that time in his life, he did throw some sassy shade at Trump and his weird obsession with his love life by saying:

“I hope he has more interesting things to think about now."

Earlier in March, also responded to the dubious honor of being one of the first celebs relentlessly attacked by Trump on The Late Show with Steven Colbert by literally brushing off her shoulder and giving a nonchalant:

"That’s cool, you know, whatever.”

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

While they might not be close anymore, it's great to see that RPatz and KStew have similar feelings when it comes to Trump sticking his oar in.

Are you surprised that Robert Pattinson actually responded to a question about Kristen Stewart?

[Credit:Summit Entertainment]
[Credit:Summit Entertainment]

(Source: WeltN24)


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