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We're all aware of the fact that - much to our disappointment - there have been more than a couple of lucky girls sneaking onto our celeb radar since 's departure, as the object of 's affection.

There was 's daughter, Dylan Penn, then the grandchild of Elvis, Riley Keough, and - among others - that lucky mystery brunette who we were left wondering about...until now!

Well, it looks like Twihards can breathe easy, amid rumors that KStew and RPattz are trying to rekindle their romance. Because, while Pattinson's A-list flings seem to have fizzled out, the mystery brunette seems to have just been identified as the Twilight star's personal trainer!

Take a look at these recently captured images, via Daily Mail:

So THIS is the lucky gal who is the new object of Robert Pattinson's affection! Seeing as she's a personal trainer who is spending nearly every day with the 27-year-old star, trying to whip the hunk into pec-perfect shape for his upcoming movie, Mission: Blacklist. It makes sens that they're workout buddies, and as a massive Robsten Shipper, I hope that's all it is!

What about you guys? Is this enough to convince you that KStew and RPattz are really back on?



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