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Sophie Atkinson

No prizes for guessing why and skipped attending the Teen Choice Awards.

Let's face it, meeting up with your ex can be awkward. Meeting up with your ex in front a million cameras is definitely worse. Worst of all? Being nominated for a Best Liplock award with your ex and having to go pick up a prize together. The photogenic pair needn't have worried – strange things are afoot at the Teen Choice Awards, and despite the ceremony airing last night, there's still no results for that particular category.

Luckily, Rob's been kicking back and relaxing with his new best friend: . On Saturday night, Rob and Michelle were spotted at an afterparty for indie flick It Felt Like Love, Hollywoodlife has reported and Twitter users got chatty to boast about being near their idol.

'Not gonna brag...but hanging out with Robert Pattinson, , and Kate Mara,' one humble Twitter user posted.

'[NBA player] Baron Davis just told me my shoes were cool, Rob Pattinson is lighting a cigarette for Michelle Rodriguez and [director] Mark Borchardt is wearing a Milwaukee hat,' reported another user.

A third Twitter user divulged that Rob was making the most of single life, though no details as to who precisely the lucky lady was: 'I am at a house party in the Hollywood Hills. Robert Pattinson is flirting in the kitchen.'

This is the second time recently that Rob and Michelle have been spotted together. On July 24 they were both seen smoking together at the Chateau Marmont and while there was speculation they were dating, this doesn't ring true for me. After all the media buzz the attention-shy Brit got in his last relationship, I doubt he's desperate for another high profile celebrity fling any time soon.


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