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Twilight co-stars and are split up and now everyone has an explanation. There's the friend who said that there are trust issues. The other friend who said it was over Kristen getting texts from Rupert. Even Twilight cast member got in on it. Well, folks, another source has come forward, saying that it wasn't Kristen's affair with then-married Snow White and the Huntsman director that broke things up. It was, in fact, because Kristen was "too dependent" on Rob. The source said:

Through the years, Kristen definitely became too dependent on Rob saving the day and taking her back. He had to constantly feel "in charge" of Kristen, the source explains, and eventually it just became too tiring.

Sounds like a case of the immatures? Well, they're only four years apart in age. Then again, like I've said before: Age 'aint a thing, but not having common, coinciding goals can be.

The apparent expert on their lives continued:

He felt like an adult taking care of a child. Now that they’re broken up, he’s glad to only have to be in charge of himself… He thinks she has a lot of growing up to do.

And goes on to say,

[Kristen] is too concerned about being an LA hipster and [Rob]’s preoccupied with working these days.

That'll do it. Sure, cheating and trust-stuff will do it too, but if the common foundation isn't there then it can't help, either. Robert always struck me as the more serious one of the tepid pair. Kristen's sullen perma-scowl didn't really have me thinking "serious", just "awkward" or "unsure but playing it cool". Robert may not be the suavest dude on the planet, but he has done some rather serious films (check out Little Ashes if you haven't seen it) and at least seems to get enthusiastic about things.

The more details that come out about this whole mess, unless they're both ready to make some pretty drastic changes about what they want out of life, the more convinced I am that they'll be happier if they move on.

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