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Say what you want about (I, for one, am liking him more and more), but the actor is a magazine-selling magnet, whether or not he wants to be. The latest paparazzi buzz is that he may have found himself a new girlfriend and be looking to replace (probably because we still feel compelled to immediately have to mention K-Stew whenever we mention him).

X17Online has claimed he's been spotted with a mystery brunette, working out with her every day as he trains for yet another new movie Mission: Blacklist in which he'll play based-on-a-real-person military investigator Eric Maddox. One of their paps who snapped him revealed

Rob rarely hangs out with a girl he's not dating He keeps to himself.

So the fact they left in the car together definitely means something. Rob's all over the place right now — he's trying to replace Kristen and he's going out a lot of widening his circle of friends. He wants to find a girlfriend.

What's more, he also brought what's through to be the same brunette along with him to a birthday party over the weekend, where they were cute and close, says a guest a the party:

Rob and the brunette turned up around midnight. They were cute together. At one point, he was talking to someone and she wandered over and grabbed his hand and pulled him to over to near the pool. Their hands were all over each other!

And for those people bashing Rob because he dared to voice an opinion about Twilight, you might want to slow your rolls. The source also claimed he's a great guy:

She's really sweet and has a girl-next-door vibe. Rob is actually really nice and humble.


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