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We just can't get enough of Twilight's reluctant bloodsucker, !

After appearing several times on the highly-coveted cover of Vanity Fair magazine, RPattz is now going head-to-head with the deceased King of Pop himself, .

The two Hollywood stars - pretty alike in magnitude, I'd say - are both contestants in the magazine's latest competition, in which you can rank your favorite ever Vanity Fair covers - from 'The Jazz Age' to 'The Aughts'. Rob's cover is from April 2011, whereas MJ's is slightly more vintage, harking back to December 1989.

You can browse through the hundreds of covers shot by various famous photographers including Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, and Mario Testino, right here! In Pattinson's case, the photo is staged in a very creative way to draw attention to the thesp. In Jackson's case, the photographer only needed to point and shoot to capture the magic that he was all on his own - no creative staging or props needed. But my vote STILL goes to RPattz,'s RPattz.

Who will you be voting for? Let me know in the comment section below!



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