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If you're someone who follows the fragrant life of , you're probably familiar with the fact that the actor is the new face of a Dior Homme campaign.

In a conversation with GQ Spain, Pattinson was asked whether he thought whether or not Camille Rowe, the model he had to kiss in the ads, was intimidated by him. Here's what he had to say:

"No, I don't think so. If she was, she certainly didn't show it to me!

Pattinson then went on to describe awkward love scenes he's experienced in the past: "If you have to kiss someone who you don't know and the person keeps their distance or backs off, it's horrible."\

Perhaps the most revealing part of the interview comes from the overall intimidation fame has caused him. He explains that you have to adjust to this new, bizarre life that feels overwhelmingly lonely. I'd personally take comfort in knowing I have a Dior Homme campaign, but that's just me.


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