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That , what a talented chameleon he is. Actor, songwriter, musician, is there anything he's not good at? The man has many interests, but his latest is a little out-there, not because it's wild, but because it's not: Baking. No, not 'that' kind of baking. Actual baking, as in a kitchen. As he told Yahoo:

I really love 'The Great British Bake Off', I've been watching it on iPlayer. The BBC still make great TV and this is one of their best in years. I think it has probably inspired me enough that I am going to take up baking, which makes me even less rock and roll than I am now.

And while some may be surprised a guy that can go anywhere and do anything might do just that, he'd much prefer a quiet evening at home:

Everybody wants to believe that LA living means partying every night, [but] that isn't my reality. Fans probably don't want to imagine their idols are at home doing unbelievably mundane things, but for most of the time that is the case. People are aware I am not a big fan of the limelight; I'd much rather be at home.

Any time you'd like to bake me a torte, Rob. Or cupcakes. Or cookies. Or anything, really. My inner fat kid is ready.


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