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Alisha Grauso

Another day, another -related bit of news. For a famously private actor, the guy can't seem to stay out of the public eye, can he? The latest bit of scandal, or more appropriately, what the gossip sites are trying to turn into a scandal, is that Rob shot a Dior commercial shortly after finding out about cheating on him.

What's the big deal, you wonder? Well, that Dior commercial is apparently steamy, featuring Rob hooking up in a foursome with not one, not two, but three hot blonde models. And shirtless, for what it's worth. There's a swimming pool and making out, and a simulated foursome, and it's apparently pretty hot. And of course, the aforementioned tabmags are all over it, claiming he shot it as an act of revenge to get back at Kristen in the immediate aftermath of her cheating scandal.

Claims a source, "In one scene, Rob is reportedly shirtless while simulating a foursome with three hot blonde models. Rob and the model are in a swimming pool making out and he’s seen giving her a blow back with a cigarette at one stage, too. Kristen has no idea what she’s in for."

Is it just me or is it kind of creepy how excited the source seems to be about what this will do to Kristen? Or am I the only one that read it in that tone?

In any case, I'm sure we can expect the internet to blow up when the ad finally drops in June. So buckle up, Twihards, you're about to get a double-dose of Rob.


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