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With 2017 just getting underway, we've already started looking ahead to 2018 (naturally). Recent news has given us our first glimpse into what will be the rebirth of our favorite thief, in . With a cast that includes relatively new fan favorite Taron Egerton as Robin Hood, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet and Jamie Foxx as Little John, Origins looks to be a promising retelling.

Robin Hood: Origins [Credit: Lionsgate]
Robin Hood: Origins [Credit: Lionsgate]

New set photos have revealed our first look at a young Robin Hood and Maid Marian, played by Eve Hewson. Producer Basil Iwanyk alluded to the fact that the upcoming iteration of would be exactly what the name implies: an origin story. In an interview with Collider, Iwanyk gave us some insight into the upcoming film:

“Exempting the killer cast, I feel that it captures the adventure and the fun and the spirit of Robin Hood, but because it’s the origin story—it’s a kid going off to war thinking he’s going on a great Crusade, and realizing it’s all bullshit and coming back with some PTSD and realizing he’s been lied to, and coming back to kind of a fractured society that doesn’t really accept him and realizing, ‘Okay the super rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.’ You could describe that now. What Joby Harold, our writer, was able to do is make it feel very allegorical and very contemporary, and feel youthful but not youthful in a YA way, youthful in a kind of, the anger, the energy, what people when they were 25 feel, without it being pandering like ‘Look, we’re the young version of the movie!’"

Robin Hood's Story Has Been Told Many Times Before

Robin Hood
Robin Hood

Robin Hood's story has been told on both the big screen and small for a century now, but more modern retellings have been grittier. While there's still some flair, the swashbuckling days of Errol Flynn have shifted toward a more grounded "man of the people" vibe in the last few decades.

In 1991 Kevin Costner starred in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It was one of the first times we had seen such a grounded origin story for the myth. Coupled with an amazing soundtrack, it immediately became one of the best movies of the year and an all-time classic for many. In 2010, a reboot starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Oscar Isaac was set to try and reproduce the magic of the '90s version. Unfortunately, the film was met with criticism and failed to do well at the box office.

'Robin Hood: Origins' Has Learned Some New Tricks Thanks To 'John Wick'

Robin Hood: Origins [Credit: Lionsgate]
Robin Hood: Origins [Credit: Lionsgate]

So what makes us think this new version, slated for 2018, will do better? Iwanyk went on to assure us that even though this film is set centuries ago, this iteration will feature action closer to the modern era. Utilizing techniques inspired by , they're trying to recreate that frenetic action work with a bow and arrow:

“The images of Robin Hood, the imagery we have, the production design, the stunt work that we’re doing—a lot of it was inspired by the John Wick stunt work. The stuff we’re doing with the bow and arrow, it’s the same thing that Keanu does with the gun. The costumes, it just feels different than any other Robin Hood we had.”

It will be pretty amazing to see what action choreography they come up with for wielding the bow and arrow considering John Wick can do this with a gun:

went on the offensive (literally and figuratively) while speaking to We've Got This Covered about his upcoming project:

“Those other Robin Hoods don’t mean shit. Our Robin Hood, it’s on. We’re battling, gonna drop the same day. What’s different about ours? It’s just a grittier take. With Otto [Bathurst] directing, it’s just a grittier take. It’s not like in the Sherwood Forest, tights and all that. It’s not like that. It’s grittier, a more real version, if that makes sense. But no disrespect to anyone else’s Robin Hood.”

While Foxx seems to be forgetting that both the Costner and Crowe versions were pretty gritty and definitely didn't feature tights (okay, now, Robin Hood: Men in Tights I'll give him), it will be interesting to see what Bathurst can bring to the table that's new.

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Hopefully a modern take with updated filming techniques can give us a new refreshing look at the Prince of Thieves.

'Robin Hood: Origins' is set to hit theaters March 23, 2018


Do you think 'Robin Hood: Origins' will do well at the box office?

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