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Brian Salisbury

Maybe one of the prime directives for the producers of the RoboCop remake should have been to consult an Almanac before deciding on a release date. It appears that the recent rash of inclement winter weather across the country, especially the east coast, is becoming a major thorn in the paw of the studio's accountants, whose eyes are fixed on the controversial remake's bottom line.

The film was released Wednesday to an underwhelming $3 million box office yield. Experts are suggesting that the low take may be due to the desire of the residents of these snowbound regions to remain indoors. Not only that, but several theaters along the eastern seaboard have actually been intermittently closed during the week due to dangerous weather conditions. The film is expected to rebound this weekend and indeed take the number one spot.

Well of freaking course it'll be number one. It's only competition is a trio of Valentine's-Day-pandering romance films that will end up cannibalizing the audience seeking out that genre for the holiday. The thing that makes me laugh about this is that they released the movie on a damn Wednesday to try and mine a few extra dollars before the weekend, and then they are so panicking about the low Wednesday gross that they are assigning blame to forces of nature. Maybe next time wait until Friday like 90% of the other movies. Also, be a better film...that might help.

What do you guys think?

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