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Jordan Leech

BoxOfficeMojo currently has the RoboCop remake listed as a PG-13 film, in stark contrast with the original film, which was in fact given an X rating initially, before being edited significantly to bring the rating down to R.

This brings up several questions. Is the differences in ratings merely due to today's relaxed standards for what constitutes a graphic film? This is certainly part of it, but the original was made in 1987-not that long ago and after Hollywood had been taken over by action films.

The next question, then: Is the new RoboCop missing something? Us fanboys hate to see a legacy get ruined by a reboot. Although skeptical at first, The trailer looked actually quite convincing. It also seems it will retain the political and cultural allegories of the original RoboCop. The only thing I can imagine would be toning down the graphic violence of the original. This wouldn't be the end of the world, granted its not taken too far.

I am still very excited for this film, however. It has a great cast, including , , , , and .

Gary Oldman and Michael K Williams

I hope it turns out to be a good reboot, and I guess we will just have to wait and see what exactly constitutes a PG-13 rating.

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