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Mark Newton

Unfortunately, RoboCop was relatively forgotten following this years' annual tsunami of Super Bowl trailers. Sure, we got another look at 's reboot, but its trailer certainly wasn't as exotic or as highly anticipated as Transformers: Age of Extinctions.

For the most part, this is because we've already seen heaps from the new RoboCop. We've had trailers, TV spots, clips and quite a few viral videos, so by this point it seems like we've seen most of what the film seems to offer. Regardless, here's the new RoboCop Super Bowl trailer. It contains a little bit of new material, most of which consists of muzzle flashes. Check it out below:


It'll soon be time to draw natural comparisons between Padilha's remake and the original RoboCop. The rebooted RoboCop arrives in theaters on February 12.

What do you think? Given what we've seen how optimistic are you for RoboCop? Let us know in the comments section below.


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