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As you may have heard, Adult Swim's Robot Chicken series will be airing a Walking Dead-themed special on October 8th. Said special will feature various scenes from the past seven seasons of The Walking Dead, but, you know, RC style. The first trailer for the special was released at SDCC earlier this year, and that brief glimpse already teased some hilarious moments we should all be looking forward to.

Fortunately for us, the SDCC trailer isn't all we have to look over while we wait for the special to premiere. A new clip was recently uploaded to Instagram account, wherein Carl's meeting with Negan takes place—except the scene obviously goes in a different direction because it is Robot Chicken, after all. Check it out below:

While the clip released is brief, its duration is long enough to identify the scene being parodies as a particular moment from Season 7 of The Walking Dead wherein Negan takes a renegade Carl to his quarters at the Sanctuary for a private meeting between the two of them. In this meeting, Negan demands that Carl remove the bandage off of his face to reveal the empty eye socket covered by it. Their meeting takes a serious tone after Carl reveals his wound, but 's irreverence finds Carl's empty eye socket turning into a black hole that sucks Lucille in and then Negan himself. The clip cuts out shortly after, but it's already a good indication of the laughs in store when the special premieres.

Assuming the writers behind Robot Chicken are consistent with their parody, it should be a great special. I mean, if the writers are are willing to turn a child's empty eye socket into a funny moment, one can only imagine what they intend to do with other serious moments like Glenn getting bashed to death, or Rick being forced to cut Carl's hand off—both of which present ideal scenes to be parodied with a fun twist. The special will feature Daniel Radcliffe as a musical version of Terminus's Gareth, so it's fair to assume writers have some unique ideas in mind for how to parody numerous other scenes from The Walking Dead.

'Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special' [Credit: AdultSwim]
'Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special' [Credit: AdultSwim]

The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special airs on October 8, 2017.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 8 on October 22, 2017.

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