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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

After a long wait, the Robotech Wars are about to start up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stalled project, which was on hold since 2007, has found its director in commerical-man .

The movie already counts two big Hollywood names among it's producers: and (wait for it...) . In addition, heavyweight (with others) has worked on the script.

Although Mathieu will find his first feature-length film in Robotech, he's no stranger to sci-fi or CGI-studded action. Check out one of his commercials for Zenith:

Robotech is based on the popular 80s Japanese anime that was later cut and edited into a successful 85-episode TV animation in the US. The story follows the human battle against alien invasion using advanced robotic technology that was found on a crashed alien ship. The [story is large-scale]( as far as animation goes, so we could be looking down the barrel of a live action trilogy to give the likes of Transformers and Pacific Rim a run for their money.

[[follow]] to get the latest developments on casting for this long-awaited adaptation.


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