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Alisha Grauso

Okay, so maybe "rocks" was the wrong word to use in the title as the notoriously low-key, low-energy couple aren't exactly doing exciting things in these new photos from the Coachella music festival. But, you know, the paparazzi was there taking pictures because these two lovebirds can't go anywhere without a camera being shoved in their collective face and the media being all over it. (For the record, before you start blowing me up in the comments section, I have to write what I'm assigned). They get a lot of flak, but I have to commend both of them for not having had a complete meltdown on a camera guy yet. I would have done it, like, a year and a half ago.


I dig her ripped t-shirt and shorts combo and am totally going to look for something like it online as soon as I'm done for the day. Not sure I'm loving his sunglasses, though. They're a leetle bit too tiny for his face, no?



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