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It's no secret that everyone loves Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. No matter what he's in, people will see it. As proof of that, the actor is currently working on exactly a gazillion reboots. One of those just hit theaters: Baywatch, the remake of the classic TV series that starred David Hasslehoff.

Johnson seems particularly proud of this film. Unfortunately, Baywatch has received blistering reviews. Critics have called it a "missed opportunity," "dumb" and even an "obscenity." Well, is not having it.

The Rock Has Something To Say To 'Baywatch' Critics

The actor took to Twitter to announce that had finally arrived in theaters. Beneath the excitement, however, signs of trouble began to show with Johnson's "extremely high scores from the fans" clarification:

After that tweet, Johnson could not contain himself any longer. He made his opinion on movie critics clear in two consecutive tweets, saying critics had their venom and knives ready for the film, while reiterating there was a big disconnection between them and the people:

He did seem to have praise for one movie reviewer in particular, Dewey Singleton, who wrote a positive reaction. According to the Rock, other critics laughed quite a lot while watching the film, but then decided to trash it publicly:

Defending 'Baywatch'

After all of that, Johnson fiercely defended the movie, going as far as to say there had been reports of people peeing themselves from laughter "all across the country":

He yet again reiterated the fact that this was a movie for audiences and fans:

With this, you may be wondering: Will Baywatch ruin Johnson's so-far stellar movie career? Not at all. He's a likable and (most importantly) bankable star. Going by all the buzz Baywatch has been getting, its poor critical reception will probably be outweighed by its earnings. And even if not, Johnson will have another blockbuster soon.

With that aside, there's something very important to take away from Johnson's reaction. It's understandable for him to feel disappointed by seeing the kind of reception the film is getting. But implying that movie reviewers (who love films, including comedies) aren't part of the "people" is not the best way to deal with that.

There's a very harmful notion in saying a film is not for critics but "for the fans." What does that mean? Aren't critics fans too? Or is that phrase implying fans are too short-sighted to be able to tell whether a movie is good or not?

Baywatch is currently in theaters.

What do you think about what Dwayne Johnson had to say to Baywatch critics? Let me know in the comments!


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