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Matt Carter

Rocky Balboa is set to return to the world of boxing, with Deadline reporting that MGM is producing a "Rocky spin-off" titled Creed. The continuation of the Rocky saga will see Fruitvale Station star take on the role of Apollo Creed's grandson, a young man who, thanks to his grandfather's exploits in the ring, has grown up very wealthy. This wealth and security should mean that he never has to step into the ring himself, but the young Creed has the same natural instinct and passion for fighting that his grandfather had. Wanting to start a career as a boxer, Creed jnr. turns to Rocky to be his mentor and trainer. has confirmed that he'll reprise the role of the Italian Stallion once again.

Creed would be the seventh installment in the Rocky franchise, but the quality of talent involved suggests that it can be a worthy addition to the saga.

I do worry for young Creed's well-being though. The last time Rocky trained a member of that family was for Apollo's fight against Ivan Drago. We all know that didn't end very well. Here's hoping for a better result this time.

Creed will be written and directed by , who also wrote and directed the excellent Fruitvale Station and with Coogler intending this movie to be the follow-up to the critically acclaimed indie hit, we should start seeing progress on Creed soon.


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