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Although Rogue One is a new entity, it is both separate from the main Star Wars saga and deeply entrenched in the sci-fi epic's mythology. The colossal expanded Star Wars universe and its intricate interconnectedness has led to a number of theories, born from further knowledge or wild speculation.

The most robust Rogue One theories relate to Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), the newly appointed figurehead of the Rebel Alliance. Her role in the mission will mark her in Star Wars history as a deeply important character, yet she is shrouded in mystery. Naturally, this has led to an attempt to unpick her relevance beyond Gareth Edwards's anthological feature.

Although Rogue One is closely linked to A New Hope, that doesn't completely rule out a link to the new sequel trilogy. A popular theory that has gained a lot of traction connects Jyn Erso with The Force Awakens debutant, Rey. As well as a visual similarity, the theme of family courses through the veins of Star Wars, and the age difference matches up. Check out the video below for an exciting breakdown:

The Flashback Could Reveal Jyn Erso's Link To Rey

The promotional video footage showing a flashback scene from Rogue One — mentioned in the above video — provides even more clues to this theory. In particular, Jyn's Stormtrooper doll has been highlighted as having "special significance" in the story. There are strong visual similarities to the doll Rey has in The Force Awakens, which would make the seemingly innocuous item an important link to the main saga.

On the subject of Jyn, her fate is unclear. If she were to mother Rey, she would have to give birth to her after the events in Rogue One, considering The Force Awakens is set over 30 years later. If that theory is incorrect, it could pave the way for a seriously sombre ending: Jyn could die.

It would make sense in the backdrop of Rogue One, which has been described as a war movie, and allegedly reshot some scenes to lighten the tone. The mission to steal plans to the Death Star is extremely dangerous, and none of the characters involved have been mentioned at a later date, which could suggest the entire team of rebels make the choice to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It's going to be emotional.

Who Is The Hooded Figure?

The hooded figure [Credit: Disney]
The hooded figure [Credit: Disney]

Let's move on from the Rebel Alliance to their opposition, the Galactic Empire. They will be spearheaded by the new (Orson Krennic) and supported by the old (Darth Vader). But that doesn't explain the mysterious hooded villain who appears in the trailer, flanked by the Emperor's Royal Guard, especially since actor Ian McDiarmid confirmed Darth Sidious won't appear in the movie.

So who could it be? One possibility is Mara Jade, a personal assassin of the Emperor who raised her as his own personal servant. She is also one of the few characters closely trusted by the Sith Lord. Another option could be Starkiller (Galen Marek) a powerful Force-user who was mentored by Darth Vader. Or, considering this is new territory, it could be a new character altogether.

Of course, we won't know for sure until the film has been released. And even then, the beauty of Rogue One is that the number of theories will only increase once audiences have had the chance to sit down and watch the full feature. Ultimately, it could even change the way we view A New Hope.

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