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The final Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer is emotional and thrilling. There were plenty of powerful shots that Disney/Lucasfilm carefully placed in the two-and-a-half minute trailer. The cinematography is gorgeous and the storyline is compelling.

The trailer offers viewers the chance to get in on the middle of the action as many of the scenes involve massive explosions and lots of combat with Rebels taking on the Empire. However it's not always about the action, as this film focuses on a rag-tag team of heroes going after the plans to the super weapon known as the Death Star.

It offers a few phenomenal lines at key moments. The choice of lines spoken by main characters in trailers is always intentional, and that's what makes this trailer meaningful in many ways. Here are 7 Rogue One quotes from the final trailer & what they mean for the story.

7. "Jyn. Whatever I do, I do it to protect you." -Galen Erso

  • What's the meaning behind it?

A young Jyn Erso is informed by her father (Mads Mikkelsen) that everything he does is to protect his daughter. These powerful words spoken by her father are emotionally draining because she knows deep down that she may never see him again. It also hints that he perhaps knows what he's going off to do is something that violates his morals, and he never wants his daughter to think less of him.

These first lines from the trailer are also essential, because it immediately sets up the tone of this movie. Though it's still very much a Star Wars film, Rogue One appears to be much more serious than any of the previous movies and I believe the first lines spoken from this trailer establish just that. It's an unfortunate omen for what's to come for the Erso family.

6. "It appears he's (Galen Erso) critical to the development of the super weapon." -Mon Mothma

  • What's the meaning behind it?

Even before actor Mads Mikkelsen spilled the beans on his character in Rogue One, many fans have speculated that his character could be the one who played a major role in the creation of the Death Star. This trailer confirms exactly that as the words are spoken directly from one of the main leaders of the Rebellion, Mon Mothma.

Mon Mothma couldn't have been more direct, as Jyn finally learns the truth about her father. With Jyn Erso's response of "We need to find him," it is now no longer just a heist, but a rescue mission as well.

5. "Alright, how many do I need?" - Baze Malbus

  • What's the meaning behind it?

Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen) has a cockiness to him that I really like and that's exactly what we get with this line delivery. In the trailer we see Malbus and Chirrut Imwe's (Donnie Yen) character together, which makes me believe they have a close friendship and have worked on many missions as a duo in the past.

His question to what we presume is Jyn Erso recruiting the two, implies that he is either asking how many men are needed, or how many of his weapons he should bring along with him on this mission. It's a great line because it brings courage and determination to the character.

4. "The power that we are dealing with here... is immeasurable." -Orson Krennic

  • What's the meaning behind it?

This quote is important for two big reasons: One, it's the first lines we hear spoken by Director Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) and two, it's another character who can stand up to Lord Vader. In all of the original Star Wars films, the Emperor and Grand Moff Tarkin were the only characters to whom Vader would actually listen. You can now add Director Krennic to that list as we see Krennic clearly giving some kind of advice to Lord Vader.

The choice in words almost implies that Vader is hesitating about using this superior weapon. This is interesting to see, because Krennic is the one doing all of the talking. In fact, Tarkin was the one who enforced the destruction of Alderaan in A New Hope, when he ordered the test firing of the Death Star. We assume that the weapon won't be utilized in this film, since it was first used in A New Hope. It'll be interesting to see what Vader's response will be to Krennic once he makes this statement to him.

3. "We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope." -Jyn Erso

  • What's the meaning behind it?

Though this line sounds rather cliché, it fits what the film is trying to convey to audiences: hope. Yes the title of Episode IV is A New Hope and this film ends shortly before it, but this quote is everything that encompasses the entire film. Hope is what they need to finish this daring mission. It is something they must hold on to and never stop believing in. If the Rebellion is to fully become what they envision it to be, then they need an emotional anchor to help them succeed in their mission. Jyn could not have said it any better, and it only takes one person to push everyone else to give it their all.

2. "Make ten men feel like a hundred." -Captain Cassian Andor

  • What's the meaning behind it?

This is arguably my favorite line in the entire trailer. This line can be taken many different ways. However, when I first heard this line, I couldn't help but think of King Leonidas's response to Xerxes in Zach Snyder's 300. Xerxes made it very clear to King Leonidas that the Spartans were fighting for a lost cause, especially since there were so few of them. King Leonidas's response to this was simple:

"The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed." -King Leonidas

You tell 'em, Leo.
You tell 'em, Leo.

"That few stood against many" is the crucial phrase that I took from that quote. Captain Andor's (Diego Luna) line from the trailer is extremely impactful because it shows the courage of the Rebels knowing they are completely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Empire. However, this doesn't seem to faze Andor because he believes that they can fulfill this mission by using certain tactics that can make themselves appear much larger in number than they actually are. The Spartans had just a few hundred against thousands of Persians. Even though they fought a good fight, in the end it was about the bravery and persistence that made them a legacy in the history books. The same goes for the Rogue One team and Andor believes it can be done.

1. "Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!" -Saw Gerrera

  • What's the meaning behind it?

A strong statement is made here at the conclusion of the trailer. Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) is heard shouting these lines as a bunch of action scenes are shown in the trailer. Gerrera's statement to "save the Rebellion" and to "save the dream" are extremely influential.

Going back to what I said earlier, this film is all about hope and the sacrifices that need to be made to bring the Rebellion together and to help take down the Empire once and for all. But the lines imply that things may not be going so well for the Rebel Alliance, and so Gerrera is reminding them of what their duty is. For the Rebellion to be saved, this mission must be successful, because the dream is bigger than just this one mission.

Hope Is Not Lost For 'Rogue One'

Rogue One looks to continue moving the franchise of Star Wars forward and become the start of many standalone films planned in the near future. The movie will open up new possibilities and new adventures for the Star Wars lore. Rogue One opens in theaters everyone on December 16!

Are you excited for Rogue One? What quotes from this trailer were your personal favorite? Share in the comment section below!

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