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The newest installment to the epic space-opera franchise Star Wars hits our screens in just a couple of weeks. All of this waiting can make fans crazy, but thankfully for us, has released a cool "Creature Featurette" to show off some of the amazing new aliens we'll be seeing. Some of them are unlike anything we've ever seen before and others are clearly related (at least through species) to familiar faces.

In the short clip, Oscar-winning make-up artist and creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan talks about how the movie utilizes new techniques and creative processes. That in itself is pretty exciting, but what's even better is the glimpses we get of the creatures. Why don't you take a look for yourself?

A lot of the are of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it variety, so let's take a look at every alien shown in the featurette.

Making Of An Alien

The first glimpse of any extraterrestrial life is this molded figure. He looks pretty intimidating, so let's hope he's on the Rebels' side! It's interesting to note that his belt, boots, and gun holster are all built into the mold rather than pieces that are added later.

White Fluffy Dude

To be honest, I have no idea what kind of creature this is. He doesn't really look like an alien we've seen before, and I'm not familiar with a creature like him from the expanded universe (and my extensive research of all of the fur-covered aliens came up with nothing). If anything, he looks like a friendly Wampa (the creature that attempts to eat Luke in The Empire Strikes Back), yet he lacks the iconic tusks. This alien is clearly strong, yet he either has a breathing problem or hails from a planet with a completely different environment as he needs a breathing device. Considering the heavy fur and white coloration, it would make sense if he were from Hoth and just has problems breathing in the humid tropical climate we've already seen in so many shots.

Grizzled Little Alien Guy

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what this alien's name is or exactly what species he is. We do know, however, that this creature is none other than Warwick Davis himself. Prior to this featurette, the only image we've seen of the character Warwick Davis is playing in is this blurry image he tweeted:

has been the king of Star Wars cameos, first coming onto the scene back in Return of the Jedi and then again in Phantom Menace.

Pao, A.K.A. 'Bigmouth'

Before we knew what Pao's real name was, we simply referred to him as "Bigmouth." All we know about his character is that he's a fierce warrior and a Drabata. The Drabata are an amphibian race, as are a few of the other aliens we've seen, so we might be seeing some cool water scenes featuring the aliens that can breathe down there. Underwater warfare, perhaps?

Bistan, A.K.A. 'Space Monkey'

Despite being popularly known among the internet as "Space Monkey" and being referred by that name by director , this friendly-looking, machine gun-using fella's name is actually Bistan. Bistan isn't even technically a space monkey, either, as he belongs to a species of aliens known as the Iakaru. However, I much prefer the name "Space Monkey," so I shall continue calling him that.

Mon Calmari

The alien pictured above is a member of the species known as the Mon Calamari, a group of water-dwelling creatures. If he looks slightly familiar to you, that might be because the fan favorite character General Akbar (Admiral in Return of the Jedi) is also a Mon Calamari. We know quite a bit about this character already. His name is Admiral Raddus and helps the Alliance in their rebellion against the Empire (he's also based on Winston Churchill).

Raddus isn't the only Mon Calamari we see in the clip. Pictured below is Raddus standing next to one of his kin, who is shaking the director's hand. If this short featurette is anything to go off of, it looks like the Mon Calamari a pretty large role in the events Rogue One.

This Guy

We don't really get a great look at this little guy so I can't place what species he is, but he does look like he means business!

There are so many different aliens in this movie, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get fully introduced to every single one of them. However, it's great to see so many unique creatures walking around.

I love the fact that Star Wars continues to stick to its roots with practical effects. These creatures look absolutely astounding and that's not a look you can pull of through . I can't wait to see these guys in action and learn more about their roles.

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