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It’s no secret by now fans are well aware that there’s a new Star Wars film on the horizon. and her team will take to the ground in an epic battle to capture the plans of the fearsome Death Star. The super weapon was constructed in part by Jyn’s father Galen, who was forced to finish the operation under the orders of Director Orson Krennic.

The fate of the entire galaxy rests in the hands of these rebels to get the job done. However, what if their fate had already been sealed? What if audiences were already told the future of this team that was willing to sacrifice their lives to get the plans into the hands of the Rebel Alliance? What if the answer was actually in the first few minutes of A New Hope?

Take a look at the video below that places front and center aboard the Tantive IV:

Vader is clearly enraged at the Rebels having stolen the plans to the Death Star. First, we see him interrogate the captain of the ship while asking where the plans are. Vader eventually kills the man and orders his men to search the rest of the ship and round up all remaining passengers until the plans are found. Once is captured, Vader plans on using her to find the missing plans that were beamed directly into the ship.

How Does This Scene Possibly Reveal The Outcome Of The Rogue One Mission?

What Vader says to one of his officers toward the end of this clip is crucial. In it, we hear Vader give out some information regarding the fate of the Rebel spies. At around the 3:17 mark, he states:

"I have traced the Rebel spies to her. Now she is my only link to finding their secret base."

These few sentences may not seem much upon first hearing them. However, it may be a clue as to what will happen to the Rebel spies who originally stole the plans. The first sentence explains that the transmissions have been traced to this ship, thus leading himself to Princess Leia who is now in possession of the plans.

But it's the next sentence that, to me, is most telling. If Leia is the only link remaining to finding the plans and the Rebels' secret base, then what happened to the team that originally stole the Death Star plans?

Vader Doesn’t Accept Failures Easily

As we all know, Vader doesn’t give any sympathy to even his own Imperial Officers. He’s choked out numerous Imperial Officers, especially one’s who’ve failed him. So why should Vader allow any of the Rebels to live? The answer is clear: he wouldn’t. Even if he doesn't wipe them out himself, he would have no problem ordering their extermination.

Though we know the Rebels were successful in their mission, that doesn’t mean that anyone made it back alive. Rogue One is reportedly going to be the darkest Star Wars film to date. Sure, Revenge of the Sith had many dark moments with the assassination of the along with Anakin Skywalker ultimately becoming Darth Vader under the guide of Emperor Palpatine, but Rogue One will be the first full-blown war film in the Star Wars universe. Many lives will be lost and casualties occur. Director Gareth Edwards wouldn’t compare this movie to Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan for no reason.

Why The Team Shouldn't Live Post-'Rogue One'

I’ve mentioned this before, but allowing some of these heroes in Rogue One to live would be a mistake. Sure could create more spin-off stories with these characters, but that would be a detriment to the franchise. These heroes are never seen or heard from again in the episodic films so it would only make sense to give them all noble deaths.

Do you think any of them will make it out alive? If so, who?

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