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There's been a hell of a lot of TV spots released for . 15, in fact. And while it's terribly exciting to be getting regular little teasers to keep that suspense and excitement going strong, each new TV spot appears to just reuse shots we've already seen.

The latest TV spot, aptly titled Breath, is not much of an exception to this. But while it doesn't offer a whole lot of fresh footage, it does present us with the most exciting teaser yet: the creepy, labored breathing of the galaxy's most feared asthmatic:

1. Darth's Back, Baby!

It's alright, and he's definitely the key focus of this new TV spot. This reveal is more than just confirmation of a Vader cameo: it's heavy foreshadowing of exactly what to expect.

This isn't the first we've seen of the notorious villain in Rogue One promos— he had his first trailer appearance back in August. In fact, the glimpses we see of him in Breath aren't even new at all— we've already seen the same shots, and even heard tiny snippets of his breathing. So what makes this TV spot so significant?

2. A Fresh Angle

[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]
[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]

With cinema, it's more than just what we're shown; it's how it's presented.

Darth Vader's signature breathing; steadily inhaling and exhaling, growing ever-louder and more powerful as the rebels plan their mission. This isn't just a sign of what's to come. It's an indicator that Rogue One is going to be one dark mission.

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It was always likely that Jyn and her ragtag bunch of allies would encounter the Sith Lord at some point. After all, they're literally stealing the plans for his very own beloved super weapon, and we all know that Vader doesn't take kindly to people who oppose his regime. But the symbolism of Breath hints at a much darker outcome for the Rebellion: a very real threat that could spell certain doom for at least one character.

3. Seeing Red

[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]
[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]

As an origins story, we know the Alliance will be successful in their mission to steal the plans they need to take down the Death Star. Despite this, Rogue One may not have the happy ending we're expecting. The evidence behind this? The use of the color red in Breath.

Red is the color of of anger, danger and, more importantly, war. And the presence of it in Breath spells the demise of the heroes of Rogue One— maybe even a certain character's potential death.

Just look at the new limited run of promotional posters to be released at El Capitan theatres, revealed by the LA Times: red, blood-like brush strokes, revealing the faces of our Rebel heroes. That kind of obvious symbolism can't be good.

[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]
[Rogue One, Lucasfilm]

The message of "hope" has been stressed throughout almost every piece of Rogue One promotional material. But that doesn't mean that hope will be enough for this new set of characters. Nor does it indicate complete triumph. Despite Jyn's encouraging words of "may the force be with us" to her fellow Rebels at the end of Breath, the shot of Vader that immediately follows could mean that the force is stronger yet with the galaxy's most notorious former Jedi.

Tickets for the December 15 Rogue One premiere are on sale now!

(Source: LA Times)


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