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The second official trailer for the first Star Wars spin-off movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, dropped this morning and fans' minds are being blown! You can check out the trending trailer below:

Many people who were possibly on the edge of how they feel about Rogue One really got excited after seeing this epic trailer. Movie Pilot Creator Aayush Gupta reacted very positively after a very neutral position on the film beforehand:

I've been skeptical about this movie ever since I found out they were making this. Every single trailer/clip I had seen so far had failed to impress me. But dammit Disney, I'm sold! This trailer was amazing!

From the deeper look into the Erso history, to the massive scale, and of course, the Darth Vader reveal, everything about this trailer was spot on and will definitely supply that hype train with some steam. Like the second trailer for The Force Awakens did around this time last year, this trailer shows a lot more information and drops some huge hints when you take a closer look. One of the less obvious things that especially stood out to me is what seems like a huge space battle and possibly another trench run battle — in the currently constructed Death Star!

Will We See Another Trench Run Battle in the Unfinished Death Star?

Is this the Death Star or something completely different?
Is this the Death Star or something completely different?

At about 1:55 in the new trailer, we see a bunch of X-wings and Y-wings flying in between a bunch of beams in what appears to be a big space station. Considering this whole film revolves around the massive and deadly space station that is the Death Star, it would only make sense that this scene takes place at the Death Star.

While this may not look like the Death Star as from afar it looks like a giant sphere, up close it actually has many layers — as we saw with the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi. The Death Star is the size of a small moon and it isn't just one ginormous ball floating in space.

Another reason this could be the Death Star is because the structure pictured above seems incomplete. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Death Star will still be under construction. How awesome would it be to see a giant space battle happen in between an unfinished Death Star, echoing what's to come in Jedi? We could see X-Wings and TIE Fighters battling through uncompleted trenches on the surface of an incomplete Death Star with flying debris!

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What Is The Rebels' Goal?

Assuming that it is the Death Star we see the Rebels attacking in the trailer, why would they be attacking? One possible reason could be a very simple one — an attempt to destroy it. Who said there was only one attack on the Death Star? There are probably TIE fighters and other Imperial craft guarding the Death Star while it is being built and the Rebels could possibly devise a plan to get past the security and attempt to make a great deal of damage or even possibly destroy the massive space station.

The Rebels could get past the Imperial security and get to the surface of the Death Star but I think in the end, the Rebel fleet's attack will end in utter failure. This would force them to re-strategize and hold back until their second and final successful attack we have all seen in A New Hope. The Rebels weren't always successful and they were defeated many times by the Empire and showing these loses not only on Star Wars: Rebels but on the big screen is a very important illustration and it would make blowing up the Death Star a much more significant moment.

What do you guys think? Are the Rebels attacking the Death Star in the trailer? Tell me below!


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