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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the first step in bridging a TV and movie universe in a meaningful way by introducing Saw Gerrera, a character from , into the film. And the connections don't stop there, because there are also a few nice direct references to Rebels, another TV show set in the Star Wars universe.

Well, just as some thought, it turns out these references are actually teasing a much bigger connection down the line. Dave Filoni sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly and he revealed two pivotal details that confirm the universe will feel much more connected as time goes on as well as teasing the fates of certain characters from Rebels.

Hera Syndulla is a main character in Rebels and also mentioned in Rogue One, when a "General Syndulla" was called to the briefing room via intercom. It was first debated this could be referring to Hera's father, but Dave Filoni debunked that idea:

“I can clarify that’s absolutely Hera being paged, not her dad. The movie gives that away, but I would rather have all the [references] be right. Hera will eventually become a general in the Rebel Alliance.”

Courtesy: Star Wars Rebels
Courtesy: Star Wars Rebels

I always love knowing the fate of a character when watching them in past adventures, so it's great to know Hera will get far as to be a rebel fighter. However, like I said, that's not all the connective goodness we get in Rogue One. Fans famously spotted the ship used by the Rebels in their TV show during the final battle in Scarif, as Jyn Erso and her crew fought to transmit the plans to the Death Star.

That could mean either an older version of the crew is piloting that ship or other rebels are using it. Fortunately, it's the former, and while it seemed to be just a fun nod for fans, that small Easter Egg is actually promising a very big storyline in the show. Filoni stated:

"I already have some theories about the story behind it. I can imagine doing that entire [Scarif] battle from their point of view, whoever is on the Ghost at that point."

I find that interesting. When he says "whoever is on the Ghost at that point," it clearly means that the crew we know and love right now won't be the same once the plot of Rogue One begins.

We know very little about what their plans are for the future of Ezra, Hera, and the rest, so speculating on who might not be part of the crew at that point is difficult, but it's exciting to know there won't necessarily be a sense of security for the characters as the show progresses, which adds to the excitement of getting emotionally attached to people in the Star Wars world.

Hopefully, Filoni goes forward with his plan to retell the Scarif battle in Rebels. How awesome would it be to know what our favorite rag-tag group is up to while Jyn Erso is taking care of the first steps to take down the Empire?

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In case you're wondering, Star Wars Rebels returns this Saturday:

Would you be excited to see a bigger connection between Rogue One and Rebels? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: EW]


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