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Now, while Disney was unlikely to end a year full of Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars movies in any sort of financial trouble, there was some doubt coming into the year about just how much money it could make in 2016. Sure, always looked like a lock when it came to a decent profit margin, much as had been back in 2015, but the likes of , and ? They were far, far riskier propositions.

Or, at least, they were seen as such in advance. As it turns out, though, pretty much every single risk that Disney took this year paid off — a trend that has meant that...

Disney Just Broke Its Biggest Box Office Record Yet

'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Y'see, at some point during Monday, will have earned its 7 billionth box office dollar of the year — an achievement unmatched in the history of movie-going. Which makes sense, of course, when you consider that Disney mustered the four biggest global hits of the year, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War ($1.15 billion worldwide), Finding Dory ($1.02 billion), ($1.02 billion) and The Jungle Book ($966 million). Heck, even its relative misfires — say, 's $142 million haul — ultimately managed to more or less break even, and a whole lot of "second tier" pictures conjured substantial totals. Doctor Strange is now up to $653 million worldwide, and the likes of and Rogue One are already helping out with current totals of $281 and $290 million, respectively.

In fact, you can tell what a good year it's been for Disney from the fact that even , a movie that managed to bomb spectacularly in the US (with only $77 million brought in) still managed to make $299 million globally. Which is precisely the sort of "failure" that accountants and studio executives alike smile knowingly at, before sitting back in their chair and pouring a nice dry martini.

In other words? 2016 may have been a tough year for a lot of us, but it's been a very good one for Disney.

What do you think, though? Will Disney be able to match 2016's box office success next year, or is this very much a one off? Let us know below!

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