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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Rogue One. If you haven't seen the movie yet, now's the time to make the jump to hyperspace!

The darkest movie yet, Rogue One pulled no punches in showing the harsh reality of the Rebellion. And just in case you'd stopped crying about that emotionally arduous (yet visually stunning) third act, script writer Gary Whitta is here to destroy your heart once again.

Here was his response when asked on Twitter about what Jyn's life would have been had it not been for the Empire and the Death Star:

So there you have it folks: Jyn Erso was never meant to be a soldier. Ouch.

Jyn Erso in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]
Jyn Erso in 'Rogue One'. [Lucasfilm]

Jyn's story adds a poignant note of tragedy to Rogue One — not only did she lose her parents at a young age, she was then adopted into a militaristic rebel splinter cartel, doing Force knows what for Saw Gerrera. (And the fact that she says she was his "best shot" by age 16 means she was probably an assassin at the very least.) Then of course she finds her father only to have him die in her arms.

As Wookiepedia points out, had Jyn escaped Scarif she might have had an illustrious career as a Rebel leader, or she could have been extraordinary in another way. Instead, just when she's found hope and home she dies on the shores of Scarif — killed by her father's own creation, no less.

Yeah. We're not going to be getting over Rogue One for a while.


Do you think Jyn should have survived 'Rogue One'?


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