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The countdown until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is shortening as the next installment in the saga is being released exactly two weeks from today. is the first anthology film and it will focus on the group of who stole the Death Star plans from the Empire, moments before the beginning of events featured in A New Hope.

While we know the ending of the movie and what happens, that doesn't mean the movie won't surprise us as there is potential for some major twists and turns. What are some of the biggest twists Lucasfilm could include in the upcoming Star Wars anthology film?

5. Orson Krennic: Predator Or Prey?

One possible twist I could see involves new baddie Orson Krennic. This twist would be a more obvious one that wouldn't be all that unexpected and it would show how Krennic ends up dying. Rogue One could show Krennic and his team failing to retrieve the Death Star plans from the Rebels and as a result, Darth Vader is not a happy man. Ben Mendelsohn, the actor portraying Director Krennic, revealed in an interview with Empire that:

"It’s fair to say Lord Vader and he [Krennic] aren’t friendly."

Darth Vader would be infuriated to an extraordinary level and due to their unfavorable relationship, Vader would have no issue blaming the failed mission all on Director Krennic. Like we saw in the classic trilogy with other Imperial officers, we could see Darth Vader Force-choking Krennic to death — an ironic send-off for the antagonist considering he doesn't care for the Force. Not only would this be an epic moment in the film but it will truly capture the ruthlessness of Lord Vader.

4. Darth Vader Heads Into Battle

We are all aware that Darth Vader will be making an appearance in Rogue One. However, details of how big a role he may be playing in the film has been left undisclosed to the fans. While we would all love to see him whip out his menacing red lightsaber and begin to chop down Rebels like there is no tomorrow, in reality, deep down inside, we don't expect this to happen. However... what if it did?

While I doubt Darth Vader will never appear on the big screen again, this is for sure a rare opportunity considering we have seen most of his story. In the third act, we could see Darth Vader Force-choke Director Krennic and put matters into his own hand as he begins to hunt down the Rebels for the top-secret Death Star plans. Eventually, Vader would be lead to Tantive IV where he would capture Princess Leia Organa.

3. Characters Switching Sides

Perhaps every character, either Rebel or Imperial, can not be trusted in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and end up betraying their side. Many fans predicted that Jyn Erso would switch over to the dark side with the big reveal of her in an Imperial pilot outfit at the end of the first trailer. However, I do not believe this is the case as Jyn Erso is supposed to be a character that is building up her trust with the Rebellion over the course of the film and for her to just switch sides would almost be a double-negative.

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One character I could see help out the Rebels is Darth Vader. While we know he will not officially turn over to the light side for a couple more years, this does not mean he is completely evil. None of the movies so far have really shown the mental battle between Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker. I could see Darth Vader have a very menacing presence in public but then in secret, he does something that helps out the Rebels, such as not finding the Death Star plans on purpose and letting R2-D2 head off to Tatooine with them. This one's a stretch, but there is an array of characters that could deceive the side they pledged loyalty to.

2. Seeing Some Friendly Faces

One subject that has been heavily debated on across the Star Wars community is the possibility of other familiar faces that have not been announced show up in Rogue One. So far, we know that Darth Vader, Saw Gerrera, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma will make appearances in the upcoming blockbuster — this doesn't mean they will be the only ones.

In the recent TV spot for Rogue One, there is a clear shot of a ship that looks almost identical to the Ghost — the ship used by the team in Star Wars: Rebels. This would make a lot of sense as the show takes place around the same time as this movie and characters such as Ezra, Kanan, Hera, and the rest have had a big impact on the birth of the Rebellion. We could even see possible cameos from Princess Leia, Boba Fett, or even the Emperor — the possibilities are endless!

1. The Rebel Crew Ends Up Dying!

This would definitely be my favorite twist of them all! There is no evidence of these heroes making it past the battles we will see in Rogue One and we have no idea where they will end up. If they became true war heroes, they would probably attend the award ceremony we saw at the end of A New Hope. I am almost certain that one of the characters pictured above will die in battle as it would show the brutality of the war.

We could see the Rebel team be defeated one by one in battle and that would have a very significant impact on the audience. However, I believe the best way to end the story for these particular Rebels is to see them successfully deliver the Death Star plans to the Alliance and we could see Bail Organa hand off the plans to his adopted daughter, who then delivers the plans to the trustworthy astromech droid known as R2-D2.

However, I could see Darth Vader and the Imperial fleet catch up to the crew and end up capturing them — or at least most of them. They could end up being locked up in a prison cell aboard the Death Star and the very last scene of the movie, we would be shown the giant space station being blown to pieces and we would see Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and the rest of the crew on board smiling as their mission has been successfully completed. That would be a beautiful ending!


Which of these twists would be the most surprising?

What do you guys think? Which of these would be the best twists in Rogue One? Tell me below!


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