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Before Rogue One was released, many fans were concerned about the editing of the film — there were long reshoots that, once the movie was released, seemed to have reshaped the film. It also became apparent that many scenes were cut from the movie, as many (if not most) of the shots from the first two trailers did not appear in the final cut.

We're left wondering what else was cut from , what happened in the original script, and how different the ending could have been.

Rogue One was definitely one of the best movies, as it took an innovative approach to the source material, subtly reshaping the story of the Original Trilogy in the process. Clearly, a lot of work went into this film, and new photos released by Disney have given us an insight on exactly what was cut — and why.

An Alternate Ending

The first image is definitely the most intriguing, showing Jyn and Cassian taking a moment to regroup on the beach. At first glance there's not much to it, but if you look closer you'll see that Jyn is holding the Death Star plans her father left her — meaning this scene takes place after she and Cassian escaped the Citadel facility on Scarif.

Jyn and Cassian regroup after the raid on the Citadel. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Jyn and Cassian regroup after the raid on the Citadel. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

In the final cut of Rogue One, by the time Jyn and Cassian left the Citadel the Death Star had already fired, and they spent their final moments on the beach before being engulfed by the city-leveling blast. Interestingly, Baze Melbus also appears in the photo, which is odd as in the final cut of the film he had already died by this point.

As evidenced by this photo and significantly different shots from the trailers that show Jyn and Cassian running with the plans, it's obvious that the final act was drastically changed by editing and reshoots.

Quiet Moment On Yavin

The second photo features Jyn underground at the Yavin IV base. She looks downhearted, grasping an object that is square in shape.

Jyn after the Rebel council refuses to attack Scarif. [Credit:Lucasfilm]
Jyn after the Rebel council refuses to attack Scarif. [Credit:Lucasfilm]

This scene probably takes place after the Rebel council rejected Jyn's suggestion to seize the Death Star plans, not Jyn's first trip to Yavin IV at the beginning of the movie — Jyn seems disappointed, and she's not wearing the handcuffs the Rebellion put her in after they captured her.

This seems to be a low moment for Jyn, and it was likely deleted so as not to slow down the pace of the film. However, that object she's holding is intriguing, as it doesn't seem to be her Kyber crystal necklace. Is this something else left to her by her father?

A Deadly Rivalry

The final photo reveals a deleted scene in which Director Krennic is gesturing with a blaster, probably having pulled the weapon on Grand Moff Tarkin.

Director Krennic threatens Grand Moff Tarkin. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Director Krennic threatens Grand Moff Tarkin. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Krennic and Tarkin had a vicious rivalry in Rogue One, with Tarkin eventually usurping Krennic and taking control of the Death Star program. Their relationship was tense and fraught, often threatening to boil over into outright violence. And yet, as upstanding Imperial officers, this never happened. It's all to the better that this scene was cut — Krennic pulling a blaster on Tarkin would have seemed a tad melodramatic.

So again, these snippets of deleted scenes just go to prove that the final cut of Rogue One was the best one, trimming any superfluous footage to make the story flow better — and reshaping the ending into something entirely different from what was originally shot. Here's hoping these deleted scenes will be released along with the DVD and Blu-ray, so we can see what might have been.


Do you think these deleted scenes should have been left in?

[Source: Slashfilm]


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