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Warning: Some pretty huge spoilers lurk within. If we're right in our speculation of course. But there's only one way to find out!

Just when you thought Lucasfilm were done teasing us with trailers, the second international trailer drops with a ton of new footage and you remember that Star Wars season is upon us once again.

This trailer introduces some really interesting plot points, showing more scenes from Jyn's childhood, and revealing that yes, the Empire really will fire the Death Star weapon before it's "fully operational" in Star Wars: A New Hope.

The poor little planet chosen for target practice is almost certainly Jedha, which would really suck if any of our heroes were currently running around on Jedha's surface. (Spoiler alert: They are. And their race to escape an exploding planet is going to be thrilling.)

Jedha's not long for this galaxy. [Lucasfilm]
Jedha's not long for this galaxy. [Lucasfilm]

But if there's one thing that really caught our eye in this trailer, it's that necklace given to young Jyn Erso by her mother — and it's almost certainly a Kyber Crystal

Kyber Crystals & The Force

The international trailer expanded the flashback scenes from Jyn's childhood, as her father Galen faces off against the approaching Director Orson Krennic. From interviews with the cast, and that very spoilerific prequel book Catalyst, we know that Krennic and Galen are old friends, from Galen's career in weapons research.

Of course, when Rogue One rolls around, there's no-one else Krennic would trust with the final plans for the construction of the Death Star's superweapon, which just happens to be powered by Kyber Crystals. But we'll get back to that later.

In this scene, we see Jyn's mother (Lyra) give her a Kyber Crystal necklace, which she keeps as an adult.

Jyn's mother gives her the Kyber Crystal necklace. [Lucasfilm]
Jyn's mother gives her the Kyber Crystal necklace. [Lucasfilm]

At the heart of every lightsaber lies a Kyber Crystal, a Force resonant stone usually chosen by the saber's wielder. These crystals can be found on several planets — like Lothal in Star Wars: Rebels and Jedha in Rogue One — and are actually attuned to the Light Side of the Force (according to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is still considered canon). Kyber Crystals can be corrupted and used for Dark Siders' lightsabers too, causing them to "bleed" and become red.

With this in mind, it makes sense to turn Kyber Crystals into talisman-like jewellry — because the crystals are attuned to the Light Side of the Force, it's possible that some people believe them to have protective properties. Which would explain why Lyra gave her daughter the necklace.

Jyn kept her mother's Kyber Crystal necklace. [Lucasfilm]
Jyn kept her mother's Kyber Crystal necklace. [Lucasfilm]

Of course, there's one giant question that springs to mind now...

Is Jyn Force Sensitive?

This is something the internet has been buzzing about for a few days, thanks to a hint from Kristian Harloff: One half of the popular website Schmoes Know, and development director at Collider. Harloff received a pre-release copy of the Rogue One prequel novel Catalyst, and without spoiling too much he teased a huge plot twist on his Twitter.

Because this novel is set during Jyn Erso's childhood, the best candidates for Force Sensitivity are Jyn, Galen, Lyra, and Director Krennic. The Imperial commander certainly doesn't seem the Force Sensitive type, and neither does genius weapons-technician Galen. That leaves Jyn and her mother. So who's got the Force?

Is Jyn secretly a Jedi, or was her mother? [Lucasfilm]
Is Jyn secretly a Jedi, or was her mother? [Lucasfilm]

The smart money's on Jyn's mother, especially after the international trailer dropped. It's clear that Lyra believes in the power of the Force, and she seems to have taught Jyn the same belief. It could be that Lyra's belief stems from her own sensitivity to the Force, but whether she knows how to utilize this power remains to be seen.

At this point in Star Wars history, the Jedi have been stamped out, with the Empire running a hardline campaign to oppress and stifle anyone who still believes in the Force. Basically, they want everyone to see the Force as "a bunch of mumbo jumbo." So it's possible that Lyra never learned how to control her power, though she may be part of an underground order of people who believe in the Force.

Alternatively, Lyra was secretly a Jedi and the crystal in the necklace was once part of her lightsaber. Which would be cool.

Jyn sounds like she believes in the Force. [Lucasfilm]
Jyn sounds like she believes in the Force. [Lucasfilm]

This doesn't necessarily count out Jyn being Force Sensitive though. As we've seen in the Skywalkers, Force Sensitivity does tend to run in the family. However, the creative team of Rogue One have stressed many times that this film is not about the Jedi, but the Rebellion, so it would certainly be surprising at this point for the protagonist to use the power of the Force.

Of course, it could very well be that the crystal necklace is nothing more than a keepsake from Galen's work with Kyber Crystals — which is another thing Catalyst confirmed. That would tie into the main plot neatly, especially if the Death Star's superweapon really is powered by Kyber Crystals, which would explain why the station is orbiting the crystal-rich planet of Jedha.

In this way, Jyn's necklace would symbolize both the ancient religion of the Jedi, and the way crystals can be corrupted for destructive purposes. It's all coming together.


Who do you think is Force Sensitive in 'Rogue One'?


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