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might be slowing down as Oscar contenders like Hidden Figures and La La Land take the box office by storm this January, but the parentless-brunette-on-dangerous-mission-in-space spin-off (which is definitely nothing like the parentless-brunette-on-dangerous-mission-in-space main saga entry The Force Awakens) isn't quite done yet.

The story of Jyn Erso and the Rebellion rag-tags assembled to steal the plans to the Death Star passed the half-billion mark at the US box office this week, with a running total of $502.2m as of Tuesday.

That already puts it in seventh place on the all-time biggest movies list (stateside), right behind Christopher Nolan's brooding superhero classic The Dark Knight. That film made $534.9m in the US, meaning Rogue One has to make another $33m, and you can bet your grandmother's wonky old lightsaber that Jyn will squeeze past the Caped Crusader by the end of January. Seriously, she doesn't use it anyway.

On the list of the biggest movies of all-time worldwide, Rogue One is currently 28th with $983.3m — it should pass $1bn before the weekend. Movies it's likely to pass include The Dark Knight, again (27th, $1bn), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (23rd), and The Dark Knight Rises (currently 17th with $1.083bn).

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Sneaking ahead of Skyfall (15th, $1.108bn) and The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (14th, $1.119bn) might prove to be a suicide mission too far for Jyn and friends. Still, in the world of Star Wars, nothing's impossible. We might even even meet Jar Jar Binks in that Han Solo prequel. Imagine! (Or, you know — don't.)

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So, while they're all dead, at least those Rebellion heroes are rich AF.

Will Rogue One surpass Skyfall and LOTR on the all-time biggest movies list?


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