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Scott Pierce

Director is always surrounded by explosive projects. In addition to films like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and the upcoming White House Down, he's been linked to adaptations of the game Asteroids (no longer happening) and Isaac Asimov's Foundation (maybe happening?). Now, the director has claimed a sci-fi pitch from writer Nic Kelman called Emergence.

Emmerich has also talked about potentially making Independence Day sequels in the past, but I'm thinking that he'll probably tackle this new alien invasion flick before that ever happens, especially after 's Men in Black 3 and After Earth failed to really catch on. The story will reportedly have "hot button science elements."

We're going to have to wait a while to even see this, as Emmerich's next big project after White House Down is . Also, Emergence is just a pitch, which means there isn't even a script yet. Kelman is currently writing a film called Outpost.

Do you want Emmerich to make another movie about aliens?


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