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Here I am with another late reaction from some news that happened a week ago. I finally got a chance to watch Geeking Out: Episode 7 featuring one of my favorite actors-the man of many faces, Bryan Cranston. The Breaking Bad star took host Greg Grunberg on a tour inside Stoopid Buddy Stoodios where he discussed his involvement with SuperMansion and his interest in animation. All that was pretty interesting, but what peaked my enthusiasm and made me geek out was the conversation that led to Bryan revealing his urge to play a supervillain.


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When asked by host Greg Grunberg about the opportunity to play a bad guy Cranston expressed an interest in playing a role that hasn’t been depicted before.

"I’m interested in creating a role. I’d love to do something that hasn’t been done before... Lex Luthor, there’s been a lot of that. I’ve been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon, and it’s like I would be one in several. I would kind of like to carve out a new identity."

You can see and hear for yourself what Cranston had to say in this sneak peak clip of Geeking Out:

After that episode of Geeking Out aired I had this familiar feeling almost like dejavu, then BAM it hit me. That feeling came from an article I read about a year ago when Cinema Blend reported Cranston’s interest in playing the iconic and yet to be depicted X-Men villain Mister Sinister. I had to Google it just make sure I wasn’t crazy and it turns out I’m not.

While on my quest to find the article I came across some interesting rumors. Cranston and Fox Studios share mutual interest, at least according to Yibada contributor Miguel Tgonon who reported Cranston along with Richard E. Grant were two actors being considered for the role of Mister Sinister in Wolverine 3. While this is nothing more than pure speculation I can’t deny that Bryan Cranston as Mister Sinister is really dope. Of course I had to look up BossLogic to see how the Argo star would look as the diabolical, mass murdering, mad scientist-and this is what I found.

Pretty freaking cool. I have no doubt that Bryan Cranston would make Mister Sinister a memorable villain especially in a climactic movie like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine sendoff film. Another fantastic rumor albeit fan made, was the idea of Bryan Cranston taking on the role of the creator of Marvel himself Mr. Stan Lee With all these rumors I couldn’t help but wonder what other roles Bryan Cranston could play in comic cinema. So lets take a look shall we.

Black Bolt

Who is Black Bolt?

Born Blackagar Boltagon of the Inhuman city of Attilan. The leader of the Inhumans was exposed to the genetic mutating Terrigan Mists while he was in his mother’s womb. Black Bolt was initially held in a sound proof chamber until he was able to control his powers. He was granted his freedom after being trained by his father Agon, but not before being attacked by his brother in hopes to prove he wasn’t ready. Thanks to his brothers pact with a dangerous alien race Black Bolt was forced to use his forbidden power, the quasi-sonic scream to thwart the plans of a dangerous threat, Kree. Consequently his powers sent the invading ship crashing to Earth killing many members of the Council of Genetics including his mom and dad. The death of his parents forced the unwilling hero to take the mantle as King of Attilan and leader of the Inhumas

Why Bryan Cranston Should Play Him

Black Bolt is fresh enough for Bryan Cranston and he’s a hero that gives Disney a ton of wiggle room with an oriin so blunt as his. Sadly the Inhumans project has been shelved I think Marvel could use someone like Black Bolt to get it started again by telling the Inhumans story from his point of view almost like an origin story. Since Vin Disel (who was rumored for the role) has to be wooed by Marvel to play Black Bolt I say give it to a man like Cranston who'd act circles around Disel. Casting an award winning actor like Bryan Cranston would give casual fans a face and voice they could recognize. He’s definitely capable of playing the leadership role like he did in All the Way as President Johnson and he’ll be featured in mentoring, leadership, kinda heroic role in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot as Zordon.


Who is Brainiac?

Vril Dox is a superior level being with twelfth-level intellect from the planet Culo. After collecting planets across the universe Brainiac finds himself on Earth threatening the home of the Man of Steel, more specifically Metropilis. Upon his arrival Supergirl reveals that Brainac shrunk the city known as Kandor before the destruction of Superman’s home planet of Krypton. The battles between Superman and Brainiac would cultivate into a memorable rivalry like his arch nemesis Lex who Brainic would sometimes team up with to take down the Last Son of Krypton.

Why Bryan Cranston Should Play Him

To the disbelief and aversion of many fans Bryan Cranston was not cast as Lex Luthor in the DCEU-Jesse Eisenberg earned that role. While DC failed to realize the epicness that Cranston would have provided to the role there is still time to cast him the iconic and somewhat fresh villain, Brainiac. Though Brainiac has technically been depicted once before by actor James Masters on CW’s Smallville outside of the millions of Smallville fans no one has seen a live-action version of the superior being, which kinda makes him fresh. Allowing Bryan Cranston to play the role would be a pretty epic steal for the DCEU. Cranston has the strong voice and the ability to play an alien bent on galactic domination plus he kinda has some experience fighting a hero. His roles in John Carter saw him clash with an alien hero, sounds familiar?


Who is Galactus?

Galan of the planet Taa became the ''Devourer of Worlds' after he sacrificed himself to save his planet by crashing a ship into the Big Bang. Stuck inside-Galan bonded with the energy entity Sentience of the Universe that existed inside the Big Bang. The two were forced to travel through space and time as a “cosmic egg” until a Watcher found them. The Watcher was a member of a society that studied the cosmos and while exploring this energy the Watcher accidentally awoke what would be known as Galactus. With his newly gained power Galactus fed on the energy of a nearby planet, which gave him the ability to recreate his home planet, Taa. Galactus needed to feed for survival and initially he fed only on uninhabited worlds until he could no longer control his hunger. Initially the 'Devourer of Worlds' felt guilty for destroying inhabited planets that is until he convinced himself that he was a superior being and the balance between Death and Eternity.

Why Bryan Cranston Should Play Him

Like Brainiac the role of the superior being Galactus was mildly (that's putting it lightly) depicted in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. With Thanos currently being the biggest threat for the Avengers his nemesis could be inserted into the Infinity War. There are a number of ways to insert Galactus into the MCU. Imagine Galactus teaming with Adam Warlock to take on Thanos who undermined the “Devourer of Worlds.” Or imagine Galactus forced to seek out the assistance of Doctor Strange in an effort to take down Magnus. Better yet maybe he could arrive after Thanos is defeated and force the Avengers to team with a retooled Fantastic Four. No matter how you use him he’s perfectly suited for the MCU and Bryan Cranston is sure to bring exactly what’s needed to make him memorable.

Doctor Fate

Who is Doctor Fate?

Kent Nelson dawned the blue and gold after he and his father, a famed archeologist Sven Nelson discovered a temple belonging to Nabu. Upon awakening the alien a poisonous gas was released daddy Nelson, but sparing his son. Feeling sorry for the fatherless child Nabu took the kid under his godlike wing and erased any memory Kent had of his father. Nabu gifted Kent with knowledge of science so advanced that it defied the realm of possibility. Kent Nelson was literally turned into an adult in a short time period, when Nabu felt he was ready he asked that Kent kill him. Kent’s emotional attachment to Nabu wouldn’t allow it, so he restored the memories he previously wiped away from Kent. An enraged Kent attacked his mentor, who would go on to reveal that the death of his father was pat of something bigger and that he was one of the Lords of Order. Nabu also gave Kent the gold helmet that inhabits his spirit allowing him to possess the one who wears the helmet.

Why Bryan Cranston Should Play Him

Doctor Fate has only been depicted o the small screen, like Brainiac he has been featured on CW’s Smallville played by Brent Stait. One of DC’s most powerful heroes and founder of the Justice Society of America could use a voice like Bryan Cranston. If they inserted Doctor Fate into the DCEU with Cranston it would definitely been a film that could be like RED, but with superheroes. Or Doctor Fate could intervene in any movie especially a Superman flick that depicts him as the mysterious savior. No matter which way they use Doctor Fate this would and should be a role DC has in mind for Bryan Cranston.


Who is Mysterio?

Quentin Beck became a villain for one simple reason, fame. The failed actor took a friend's advice too literally when he was told that the only way to fame was to take out a costumed hero. With his great intellect, hand-to-hand combat skills, a master hypnotist, and magician Beck took on the identity of Mysterio. With flare for the dramatics and mirrored dome helmet Mysterio became one of Spider-Man's most memorable foes. Like many of his fellow bad guys Mysterio's plans were often foiled by the web-slinger. Of course needing some assistance he would be forced to join Doctor Octopus and four other villains to form the Sinister Six.

Why Bryan Cranston Should Play Him

Disney and Sony finally hashed out their differences so that they could give fans what we've been waiting for, a third Peter Parker. Spider-Man Homecoming will be released in the not too distant future. With a new Spidey comes new villains and Mysterio is one villain that we must see depicted on the big screen and Bryan Cranston is perfect for the role. With a bit of flare for the dramatic lends itself very well with Bryan Cranston's theatrical background. Cranston's Broadway depiction of Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way has received rave reviews proving Cranston can do it all. If he brings the Broadway aspect and his comedic side like he displayed in shows like: Malcolm in the Middle, Cleveland Show, and How I Met Your Mother among others he'd make Mysterio unbelievably amazing. This would also make Mysterio a non-one and done villain leaving room for a potential return in the not so dead Sinister Six film.

That’s it, five roles we’d like to see Bryan Cranston play in comic cinema. We’ll get to see Cranston in a heroic role March 24, 2017 in Power Rangers. However fear not Cranston fans, you can catch him in James Franco’s In Dubious Battle set to be released sometime in 2016.


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