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Tino Jochimsen

After delivering Carnage, that nasty little chamber piece about the ugly side of middle-class marriage, does something completely unexpected and delivers Venus in Fur, a nasty chamber piece about the ugly side of artists.

The movie is based on David Ives's two-parter of the same name, which depicts the power shift in the relationship between stage director and an actress, whom he interviews for a role in his upcoming production. While said actress is, for quite some time, set to be played by Polanski’s spouse – with whom he collaroborated several times, most salaciously in Bitter Moon– the director was originally supposed to be played by .

However, according to Allocine (via indieWIRE’s The Playlist), the French dreamboat has left the production and is replaced by the (far more interesting) , whom you might know from his terrific performances in films such as Munich, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Quantum of Solace.

Don't miss the first stills and trailers for this sure to be terrifically misanthropic image and [[follow]].


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