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Sophie Atkinson

The workplace is a fertile breeding ground for awkward encounters: from getting in the peculiarly-slow lift with that new guy whose name you've forgotten to swiping the last teabag right before your supervisor wants a caffeine fix to wearing exactly the same dress as that girl in PR (though, ok, high school prom was also pretty tense).

So spare a thought for poor old ex-star crossed lovers and all round Beautiful People and . The photogenic exes are still contracted to play a madly-in-love couple on The Vampire Diaries, and the director's definitely not cutting them any slack cos, y'know, it might be awkward to laugh in a carefree fashion lip-to-lip with the person who ripped out your heart. Check out a promo photo from the Vamp Diaries workplace:

directs the upcoming Season 5 Episode 2 of Vampire Diaries and shared the sensual looking photo on his Twitter account. The photo shows Ian and Nina in character as Damon and Elena.

It's been a busy social media-tastic week at the Vampire Diaries, with an image of Ian Somerhalder shared on Twitter, too. His co-star shared an uncharacteristically playful snap of the Smolderhalder cartoonishly pouting at her during a flight back to Atlanta from a TVD convention in Dallas, titled 'Ian being innocent on our flight back to ATL.'

Oh Ian, you are an aesthetically pleasing man, but I really do hate your penchant for terrible aging-groovy-dad hats. What do you think of the new snaps? Let me know thoughts below.


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