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Ron Howard, director of the new Star Wars spinoff film about a young Han Solo, recently shared a selfie of himself and actress Emilia Clarke as she finished filming her parts for the upcoming movie. The selfie signaled an end to part of the filming process and fans can now get even more excited about its upcoming release.

Howard has been directing the currently untitled film, which will fall in line with Disney's timeline for releasing three main timeline films alongside three spin-off movies. With The Force Awakens and Rogue One already released and the arrival of The Last Jedi on the horizon, fans can now divert their attention to the next spin-off movie, which we know will be based on the life of a young Han Solo.

Emilia Clarke is set to play a new character known as Kira in the upcoming film. Rumors have been circulating that Kira may be a love interest of the young Han Solo, who will be played by Alden Ehrenreich. Howard recently shared a selfie with Clarke, stating that she:

Gave us a terrific performance & left! She completed principal photography and is off on her next adventure. Busy girl. We miss her already! Talented & great to work with.

Emilia commented on her own Instagram post by saying:

Well, now that really was an adventure. The perfection that is @realronhoward posted this little nugget and I had to share again. #untitledhansolomovie was a trip and a half but this genius here made it one I’ll never forget.

A mysterious Reddit thread appeared last month that led many to believe that the movie would be called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. This claim was made after a Reddit user leaked a picture from the toy production catalogue for the new film, which had the title present. The images have since been deleted from Reddit, more than likely due to a forced takedown.

The young Han Solo movie is set to be released on May 25, 2018. Who's excited for another Star Wars adventure?


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