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Star Wars is certainly one of the biggest, most popular franchises in cinematic history but it also has its fair share of hiccups. Although the franchise was practically stagnant until J.J. Abrams revived it with The Force Awakens, the latest Star Wars movies have been marred with multiple script changes and re-shoots. The latest complication was, of course, the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were previously attached to the Han Solo spin-off film.

As the movie had already begun filming, this turn of events certainly sent the fans in a tizzy. However, went immediately controlled the damage, announcing that Academy Award winner Ron Howard is now flying the Millennium Falcon to safety.

Without wasting any more time, Ron Howard took to Twitter to assure fans, both old and new, that he'll be honoring the progress that has already been done, while also putting his own mark on the Han Solo film:

Ron Howard had previously collaborated with George Lucas on American Graffiti and Willow, and had also passed on the chance to direct The Phantom Menace, saying that the task seemed "daunting" at that time. So, it's fair to say that Ron Howard's Star Wars installment has been a long time coming. Between Episode I and Han Solo, both Lucasfilm and Ron Howard have undergone a lot of changes and with an impressive filmography under his belt, it looks like the veteran director is all set to take on the smuggler's life-story into hyperspace.

Star Wars communities across the internet have been set ablaze ever since the official confirmation was announced, with reactions that have ranged from welcoming to hostile.

Welcome Aboard The Millennium Falcon, Ron!

Over his 40-year career in the director's chair, Howard has acquired quite the fan-base. Combine that with the ever-growing number of Star Wars fans and the result is a meteor shower of best wishes in Ron's path.

However, Not Everybody Is On Board Quite Yet:

Although the director has produced masterpieces such as A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13 and Frost/Nixon, he hasn't consistently ignited the box office in recent years. With this in mind, a portion of the Star Wars community expressed their displeasure upon hearing the news.

May The Fonz Be With You:

Before becoming a veteran director and bagging multiple awards, Ron Howard was famous for his performance as Richie Cunnigham on the sitcom, Happy Days, as well as the narrator for Arrested Development. So, while some fans were busy choosing sides, fans of these shows utilized their meme-making powers to conjure up some hilarious tweets to celebrate Howard's next venture.

Considering that the movie is far from finished, most fans will surely get behind Howard's enthusiasm eventually. The Han Solo spin-off has been written by screenwriting legend Lawrence Kasdan, so the movie looks to be in good hands. In addition to this, Ron Howard has years of experience and the increasing support will certainly help him become one with the Force, taking the movie to record-breaking heights once again.

How do you feel about Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo spin-off film? Sound off in the comments below!

(Source: Ron Howard Twitter)


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