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Ron Howard fueled Star Wars speculation after posting two new images from the set of the Han Solo anthology film on Twitter and Instagram. The image, which you can check out below, offers a peek into the closet of a Star Wars character from the new film. "Can you guess whose closet this is?" Howard teases.

It's Gotta Be Lando, Right?

The sure bet among fans seems to be smooth criminal Lando Calrissian, especially given the slew of colorful capes. Donald Glover plays a younger version of the future Cloud City leader in the new film, and fans believe the wardrobe's color scheme matches what we know of Calrissian's flashy style.

In the original trilogy, Calrissian wore purple and gold — and plenty of capes. In his animated (and canon) Star Wars: Rebels appearance, Calrissian wears more grey, but still sports some of that gold and purple. But what about that other photo? The one with what looks like a rack full of jackets?

Was Han Solo A Fashionista?

Is there a chance was a bit of a fashionista before deciding to stick with black and white and a Corellian Bloodstripe? Is it possible that, outside the military, Corellians (Solo's home world for those who don't know) love colors? Or, is there a chance Calrissian provides Solo with a wardrobe closer to his own fashion sense?

Since we know this movie is meant to be a bit of an action comedy (even a buddy film), wouldn't it be fun to see Solo as a bit of a fish out of water on Calrissian's home world of Socorro?

Or, Do Those Coats Belong To Someone Else?

Personally, I think Howard is giving us a glimpse of Calrissian and Solo, his Outer Rim Riggs and Murtaugh. There's also a chance we're getting our first look at Beckett, Solo's mentor-of-sorts, played by Woody Harrelson. We don't know much about this character, other than being "kind of a criminal," as described by Harrelson. Maybe Beckett is not only a colorful character, but a character who loves colors.

Perhaps it's Emilia Clarke's character. The Game of Thrones actress is keeping her role under lock and key, telling Los Angeles Daily News that its scary to talk about the film because of the tight security around the characters and plot. So, we don't know much (barring some possible spoiler video that may or may not be Clarke). Could Clarke's character sport the colors of her home world?

Who do you think this wardrobe belongs to?


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