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Another young star appears to have nose dived head first into the gutter this week. The gawky ginger we know and love as Ron Weasley was barely recognizable as he left London's Thistle Hotel raising concerns he is partying too hard.

Rupert Grint is looking rough for his 25 years

With a cigarette dangling from his gaunt face, looked battle scarred during his night out in the capital. Maybe the dark sacks hanging under his eyes hold the weight of the actors falling public profile as well as one to many jägerbombs.

While co-stars and have both thrived in successful broadway shows and films such as Noah and The Woman in Black, Grint has had to settle for voicing Josh in Postman Pat: The Movie.

The fates have also been conspiring against his Hertford guesthouse. The 25-year-old star made a £48,000 loss on his business last year. No wonder he needs a drink. Or 12...

Bleary eyed, Rupert Grint emerges from his den the morning after

We all know that a severe hangover is never a good look. Facing the world while you feel like a plague of rodents is gnawing at your grey matter doesn't make for a photogenic face, so I do sympathize with Grint. But I speak from experience when I say that this look cries out at least a month of hitting it hard. You can't cultivate that magical mixture of gaunt and puffy overnight. Just ask Lilo!

To be honest, I would be more upset if Grint was going out and keeping to his recommended alcohol units though, he is 25 and freaking minted! Anything other than repeatedly painting the town red would be indecent.

Okay, so he looks like a cross between Macaulay Calkin and Super Hans but at least he is having fun!

What do you guys think? Is Rupert Grint taking his partying habit too far, or is he just living life to the fullest? YOLO!

(Source: Perez Hilton and The Daily Mail)

(Images: The Daily Mail via JG Images Ltd and Perez Hilton via WENN)



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