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With an R-rated officially on the way, it is safe to say some blood has been spilled on the set of Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. We already had two solid films under our belts since 2004, but director and lead actor were unceremoniously culled from the future installments. It is up to a new breed of talent to pick up the Hellboy mantle and start from scratch.

It is fair to say that 's casting as the titular big-fisted demon has been met with some opposition — perhaps most of all from the previous Hellboy alumnus. However, as we enter a new era of Anung Un Rama and 's series from the depths of hell, surely we have to let bygones be bygones?

Hell-o, It's Me!

Although Sons of Anarchy legend Perlman only played the role for two films, the part of Hellboy became synonymous with the 67-year-old as a chain-wearing, cigar-chomping hardman. The jury may still be out on Harbour's upcoming portrayal, but Perlman himself has now passed judgement.

With Jeffrey Tambor partially silenced by the studios and Del Toro hiding in one of his far off lands, it was left to Perlman to show support for the Stranger Things actor's nearly impossible task of taking over. Speaking at Detroit’s Motor City Comic Con, Dread Central reports that Perlman extended a giant red hand to Harbour:

“David Harbour is a good dude. I wish him nothing but the best when it comes to the retooling of HB.”

With shooting expected to start as early as September, and "new" Hellboy aiming for a 2018 release, director is certainly stoking the fires of anticipation for the first Hellboy film since 2008.

However, at the panel Perlman also reminded us about how close we were to him putting on those horns for a third outing:

“The third one was meant to be epic and conclusive and a resolve for all these, almost, Greek oracle promises of the destiny of Hellboy. It would’ve made for a really good movie, I think.”

The third part of Del Toro's trilogy was lost in development hell, but even in late 2016, Universal was still looking into a Suicide Squad-esque spin-off for the franchise. Whether you were gunning for Guillermo or are mad for Marshall, Mignola and co. are going hell for leather on the reboot inn what is already one of the most "hotly" anticipated films of next year!

Check our Perlman in action during the original Hellboy, and don't forget our poll below!


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