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Well, it seems like hell hath no fury like a franchise scorned, and not everyone is burning with anticipation for the upcoming cinematic reboot of the Hellboy comic book series. While fans of the titular Hellboy and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense can't wait for a gritty reimagining of 's world, there has been some very vocal opposition to the idea. Now, previous star has taken on his movie alter ego and gotten a little hot under the collar when being constantly reminded he is no longer the man behind the makeup.

Seeing Red

In a candid reddit AMA, the 67-year-old purposefully shot down any questions surrounding his departure from Mignola's Hellboy universe. When asked what he thought of Hellboy's new look, Perlman decided enough was enough and warned redditors to steer clear of the subject:

"I've made my peace with it. I refuse to answer any questions about it."

Despite only appearing in two live-action movies and a handful of animated features, Perlman became synonymous with the role of Anung Un Rama, sporting that Right Hand of Doom. Fandom has remained divided on the Perlman and Guillermo del Toro-less reboot of Hellboy, but even the harshest of critics seem to be warming to the idea of Stranger Things star filing down a pair of red horns.

Ever since the second film in 2008, many had expected that Del Toro would complete his ambition to round off a Hellboy trilogy at some point in the future. Leaving the series behind with Hellboy II: The Golden Army, there were just enough loose ends and lovable characters left knocking around to warrant a third and final entry. Even as late as this year, parties were still involved in some sort of expanded Hellboy continuation under the old guard, but the rug was pulled from underneath us when Mignola announced that he would be starting from scratch with Game of Thrones director at the helm.

As for Perlman, you can't blame him for being a little touchy on the subject. Ever since Marshall's new movie was announced back in May, Perlman has had to field questions on how he feels from just about every interview he has been to. After offering support to Harbour and seeming to finally put his tenure to bed, it is only to be expected that he is sick to the back teeth of hearing about Big Red. Given that the Sons of Anarchy star said he would cameo in the new era "when hell freezes over," redditors should've known that a frosty reception was coming toward anyone foolish enough to mention Hellboy.

With a whole new cast of Ian MacShane, Milla Jovovich, and Daniel Dae Kim, Mashall's latest iteration is pushing for an R-rating and a darker version of the B.P.R.D., akin to Mignola's graphic novels. For now, it seems that fans of the Perlman days will have to close the book and stick it back on the shelf, safe in the knowledge that we got two great movies from the noughties and something that all involved should be proud of. As for the future? The future's bright, the future's red!

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