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One of my favorite things to do (besides watch hockey and make up dirty lyrics to children's nursery rhymes) is play the Hollywood "What if?" game. You know, the one where you read about an actor or actress who had originally tried out for or passed on a part that eventually became an iconic role and wonder what the film might have been had they been cast, after all.

The latest round of this game involves everyone's favorite surly, (former) cigar-smoking mutant. In an interview with Newsarama, improv comedian revealed he was once up for the part way back in the day when was casting for the first X-Men film:

You know actually, I auditioned for Wolverine when Bryan Singer made the first X-Men movie I went on tape reading for that role. I always felt when I was younger, I could have taken a good crack at Wolverine.

Offerman is best known for playing gruff, man's man Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. So somewhere out there, locked up in the vaults where interviews go to die, there is a tape of this guy

trying out to play this guy

That...would have been a very different X-Men universe. On the other hand, the character of Ron Swanson does have the surly, meat-whiskey-cigar thing down. So there's that.

(Source: Newsarama via CBM)

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