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Like chanting, "Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!" during the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song, or singing, "Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain," all '90s kids will never forget what to sing when it's morphin' time: "Go go Power Rangers!"

Did you know that the man behind the music is the same man behind a lot of well-known TV themes and tunes in a variety of genres. He wrote the rockin' them forthe original animated X-Men series, and also provided music for Sweet Valley High, VR Troopers, and the first English-dubbed broadcast of Dragonball Z. Meet Ron Wasserman, a.k.a. The Mighty RAW: TV composer by day, founding member of the band Fisher by night.

In 1989, after his band at the time had broken up, Wasserman took a temp job at Saban Entertainment, where he ended up staying for six-and-a-half years. During that time, he was assigned a project for a new TV series. The producers showed him some early footage of the show and told him to come up with a theme song incorporating the word "go." Two-and-a-half hours later, "Go Go Power Rangers" was born.

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In an interview with the Village Voice, Wasserman recalled the story of creating the iconic theme song:

"I first came up with that guitar riff, and decided I was going to go, instead of kiddie stuff that I despised since I was a kid, write this for an adult and just do a balls-to-the-wall theme. The whole thing took two-and-a-half hours with my guide vocal, and if you listen hard to that original version, my high harmony is kind of pitchy because I had never sang on anything before. The next day they came to me and said Fox went crazy over the theme. I said 'Great, who are we going to have sing it?' And they went 'No, Fox went crazy over your theme. You're gonna be the singer on it.'"

Check out Wasserman's album Power Rangers Redux below:

Given how much content Wasserman was producing for Saban, in an attempt to keep his identity under the radar he came up with an alias to obscure the fact that it was one person who was responsible for the creation of all those epic tunes. Soon he was working undercover as Aaron Waters, and eventually Saban added a third identity: The Mighty RAW.

Indeed, Wasserman's routes as a composer run so deep that scores of fans from around the world have paid homage with their own homemade creations featuring his mighty morphin' music. Check out this recut version of the new movie trailer featuring the original Power Rangers TV show theme song, courtesy of Ninja Panda Too.

Today, The Mighty RAW plays in a band called Fisher, which he formed with his wife Kathleen. He's also still an avid composer for TV. Check out some of his best-known work below.

X-Men: The Animated Series

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wasn't the only big-name '90s property that Wasserman lent his musical stylings to. Saban's own Marvel collaboration, the X-Men animated TV series, also featured a high-energy intro courtesy of The Mighty RAW.

Power Rangers SPD

The Thundermans

Mummies Alive!

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree Of Might

Hot In Cleveland


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