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Since the early '80s, Studio Ghibli — headed by Hayao Miyazaki — has been creating visually stunning, emotionally riveting, award-winning animations that've resonated with audiences young and old alike. With well-rounded, morally complex characters, and a beautiful other-worldly aesthetic that's just as likely to create your next feminine icon as turn your parents into pigs, has crafted a universe that, so far, has never failed to enrich the understanding of our own planet. But could that be about to change?

Enter Ghibli's next outing, a TV series named Ronja, The Robber's Daughter, which has been developed exclusively for . From a cursory glance at its new trailer — which you can find below — it's evident that this is a project helmed by Goro Miyazaki, rather than his legendary father; namely because its use of CGI feels unfamiliar and, to be frank, like a step down from the (albeit costly) hand-drawn masterpieces the studio is championed for. The voice acting also feels odd, with the character accents giving off more Game of Thrones, north of the Wall, Cockney-wildling vibes than castle-dwelling, forest-loving, child adventurers.

Any Ygrittes? [Credit: Amazon Prime, HBO]
Any Ygrittes? [Credit: Amazon Prime, HBO]

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The narrative is adapted from a fantasy story penned by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren titled Ronia the Robber's Daughter. It follows the titular Ronia (or Ronja in Amazon Prime's retelling), a young daughter of a bandit chief who lives in a big castle with all their bandit followers, and the time she spends in the surrounding forest with its magical creatures and her new friend.

The show will hit Amazon Prime on Jan 27, check out the latest trailer below:

It's not yet known how Hayao Miyazaki feels about his son's direction for the series, but one would assume that, following the advice he gave Goro after his directorial debut, Tales from Earthsea — “It’s good that he made one movie. With that, he should stop [making movies]" — he won't be the biggest fan. But, for the sake of Studio Ghibli's legacy, let's hope Ronja is better than the trailer makes her seem. Keep your fingers crossed!

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